Art of Record Production Conference
May 17-19, 2019
Berklee College of Music, 921 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02215
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Eve Klein

University of Queensland
Senior Lecturer, Music Technology & Popular Music
Dr Eve Klein is a lecturer in music technology at the University of Queensland, Australia. She is also an operatic mezzo soprano, a composer, and an Ableton Live Certified Trainer. Eve's research is concentrated on music technology, recording cultures and contemporary music. Her current research explores classical music recording practices, environmental sound recording, popular-classical music hybridity, and technology-enabled performance. Eve's composition and performance work draws together traditional and experimental classical music, interactive performance art, and glitchy electronica. Eve's music has featured at Australian and international festivals including VIVID Sydney, Brisbane Festival, Underbelly Arts, Turra New Music Festival, Melaka Art and Performance Festival (Malaysia), and the International Festival of Artistic Innovation (England). Her opera 'The Pomegranate Cycle' was a finalist for Vocal Work of the Year in the 2014 Australian Art Music Awards and has been downloaded over fifty thousand times since its release in 2013.